Welcome to Cherokee Stickball: An Enduring Tradition.

This  site was created to introduce as many people as possible to the fascinating world of Cherokee Stickball and the tradition of informative ethnography that goes along with it.

Under the Exhibit tab, you will find a collection of multi-media materials, compiled and curated by students in Dr. Tim Powell’s “Native American Literature and Religion” course, taught at the University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2011.  In this digital exhibit, we explore the meanings of anetso or Cherokee stick ball and its legacy at Penn as manifest in the contemporary game of lacrosse.  Hopefully these materials will provide you with a useful introduction to the game of stickball and make you eager to learn more. The project presented here in digital form represents a preliminary study for an exhibition on Cherokee Stick Ball at the Junaluska Museum on the Snowbird Cherokee reservation in North Carolina.