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30 Years in the Organizational Dynamics Community
I have been part of Organizational Dynamics since I arrived at Penn in 1986, working with Russ Ackoff at Wharton.  Nancy Bauer recruited me as an instructor as soon as I arrived at Penn. For 30 years I have seen one hero after another launch into the (More)
Dynamics of Dynamics
Marking the 40th anniversary of Dynamics by exchanging stories in which each of our adult lives intersects with the ever-changing bigger economic and cultural systems. My story is emblematic of what it means to teach in Dynamics -  the mission to (More)
Calling Things by Their Proper Names
Many years ago, I went to Rome for a short personal trip. Being a student of history, I was fascinated by seeing so much history around me. During my entire stay in Rome, I tried to walk around as much as I could. By the time I left the city, I was v (More)