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From Theory to Simulation: The Dynamic Political Hierarchy in Country Virtualization Models
<![CDATA[ Ian Lustick, Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces, Alicia Ruvinsky This paper suggests that computer-assisted agent-based modeling has the ability to move beyond abstract representations of political problems to theoretically sound virtualiza (More)
VirThai: A PS-I Implemented Agent-Based Model of Thailand as a Predictive and Analytic Tool
Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces, Allen Hicken In this paper we report on the deployment of “VirThai,” a virtualization type agent-based model of contemporary Thailand, to produce predictions for events of political and policy interest over the cours (More)
Forecasting Political Futures For Thailand: Leveraging Social Science Theory in a Virtualization Model
Ian Lustick, Roy Eidelson, Matthew Tubin, Brandon Alcorn, Miguel Garces This poster was presented at "HSCB Focus 2011: Integrating Social Science Theory and Analyti (More)