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My Experience at OD
Coming from the last corner in the world, over the huge mountains of the Andes and the cold water of the Pacific, the experience at Organizational Dynamics was a vital challenge for me, my family, my life and my career. As a person, my first chall (More)
How Organizational Dynamics Changed My Life
I met a former colleague for lunch in 1990 and during the discussion she suggested that I look into the Organizational Dynamics Program at Penn. Many of the courses offered fit my exact interests so I applied. Five years later I was getting ready to (More)
Calling Things by Their Proper Names
Many years ago, I went to Rome for a short personal trip. Being a student of history, I was fascinated by seeing so much history around me. During my entire stay in Rome, I tried to walk around as much as I could. By the time I left the city, I was v (More)
Blame it on Bill (Wilkinsky)
I never saw my career going in this direction.  I wanted to work at Penn in order to gain experience planning events before starting my own business.  While acquiring that experience I decided to develop my leadership capabilities by enrolling in the (More)