Engaging the University community with regional decision makers, national thought leaders and global water practitioners for the purpose of developing integrated and innovative urban water strategies that address public health, infrastructure, and the socioeconomic and environmental challenges of long-term urban water sustainability and resilience. 

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Water Related Research in the Delaware River Basin: Progress & Needs

Date: August 17, 2018, 9am – 4pm

Location: Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission
190 N. Independence Mall West, 8th Floor
Philadelphia, PA

Registration deadline: 12:00pm on Wednesday, August 15th

Topics will center on the intersection of water quality and public health in the Delaware Basin. The recent push to increase communities’ awareness and enjoyment of local waterways, and to build constituencies to support conservation efforts, leads us to wonder how exactly these waterways are doing. Is it safe to send people back into the water to recreate? What public health risks are no longer a problem? Which have worsened or have been recently identified? Are Clean Water Act (CWA) designations and the 2012 Recreational Water Quality Criteria (RWQC) still adequate for the protection of public health, considering new data and emerging contaminants? Does public perception of risks match actual risk levels, and how does their perception affect their potential to engage? What risks could be exacerbated by land use or climate change? Could climate impacts undo some of the progress we’ve achieved? What about discrepancies in exposure to water-related risks due to economic, racial, or other inequalities?


2018 Green Boats and Ports for Blue Waters IV

Date: August 29 – 30, 2018

Location: Portland, OR

Oregon State University and the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) invite you to join representatives from academia, government agencies, and private industry to discuss current and future environmental sustainability of ships, boats, and ports.  Previous workshops held in 2012, 2014, and 2016 opened a dialog on marine sustainability topics and initiatives.  This workshop will continue these discussions and help our community better understand resources and practical solutions available to maximize the environmental sustainability of our existing and future vessels, support facilities, and ports.

The workshop will be 1½ days long, with invited presentations from marine architects, designers, builders, private businesses, representatives of Federal, State and local agencies, and international sustainability experts.  Presentations will cover topics such as port sustainability and best practices, emerging green technologies and initiatives, propulsion and fuel efficiency, emissions, ballast water treatment, waste management, recycling, and best practices for environmental sustainability.  Progress on greening initiatives within the UNOLS fleet will be reported.  An evening poster session is planned with a reception and dinner, and all participants are welcome to provide displays.


River Network Webinar: Parks with Purpose: Community-Driven Green Infrastructure

Date: September 6, 2018, 1-2pm

Location: Online

Green infrastructure projects have the potential to benefit both the environment and the community. Through their Parks with Purpose program, The Conservation Fund and partner organizations are designing and implementing green infrastructure in underserved urban communities while engaging and training residents to make way for lasting change. If you are an urban waters practitioner working at the intersection of stormwater management and community engagement, this webinar is for you!


American Water Summit 2018: Inspiring Innovation

Date: Oct 24-26, 2018

Location: Lowes Hotel, Philadelphia, PA

The Summit brings together C-suite executives from across the industry to talk frankly about money and water, and how the two combine with innovation and leadership to create strategy. AWS is a space where the decision makers and thought leaders join the dialogue that will shape water’s future. It is a compelling discussion for all of the industry’s key participants: utilities leaders, engineers, technology suppliers, service providers, and investors.


2019 Delaware Estuary Science and Environmental Summit

Date: January 27-30, 2019

Location: Grand Hotel, Cape May, NJ

Every two years, the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary (PDE)  holds a summit that focuses on developing practical solutions to challenges facing our tidal Delaware River and Bay. We invite scientists, managers, educators and the public. Our next summit, set for January 2019, will be a four-day event featuring dozens of experts and more than 100 presentations about clean water, healthy habitats, shellfish, tidal wetlands and more.

Since its launch in 2005, the summit has served as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing experts from diverse sectors who share a common cause and a passion for environmental preservation.

The theme is Estuary 2029: Saving Our System Through Collaboration


Trump is Wrong About California’s Wildfires – But Right About its Water  August 10, 2018, (Story from The Hill Scott Moore)

Holding Local Water Polluters Accountable: How Can You Help?  August 9, 2018, (Story from NEXT Pittsburgh)


Singapore’s national water agency, Public Utility Board (PUB), is a member of the organization The Leading Utilities Of The World (LUOW), as they have gained recognition in sustainability mitigating water scarcity issues and developing innovative water technologies. The Water Center at Penn hosted Singapore PUB at The University of Pennsylvania Singh Center for Nanotechnology to exchange ideas about our respective approaches to water management.


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