A key factor in my decision to go to graduate school to pursue a PhD  and a career doing research were my experiences in summer research programs at the University Michigan and Johns Hopkins University. As a way to pay it forward, I’ve compiled a list of similar summer programs across the US. As I am a social scientist, the focus is on programs for undergraduates interested in possibly pursuing a career conducting social science research (e.g., sociology, economics, political science, public health, psychology, etc.).  Nonetheless, most of the programs below are general and open to students interested in pursuing PhDs not only in the social sciences but also natural sciences, math, engineering, and the humanities. Regardless of your field of interest, these programs will provide you with a glimpse into what life as an academic is like and can, thereby, be useful in helping you decide if a PhD is the right path for you.





Public health, epidemiology, population health, and other health-specific social science