On Naomi Replansky’s last poem ever

Today we are adding new materials to ModPo—on Naomi Replansky’s “On Not Writing.” This, according to Replansky herself (who is 99 years old as of this posting), is the last poem she will ever write, and, as the title suggests, is about that very cessation. The links below will work for you if you are enrolled in ModPo (it’s free—enroll here any time).

[] read Naomi Replansky’s “About Not Writing”: LINK TO TEXT

[] watch Naomi Replansky perform “About Not Writing”: LINK TO VIDEO

[] watch a discussion of Replansky’s “About Not Writing”: LINK TO VIDEO

These are now part of the ModPoPLUS syllabus, chapter 3 (week 5). The discussion was moderated by me and Anna Strong, and we were joined by ModPo’ers near and far: Alonna, Arif, Mandana, Nadia, Ray, and Shoshana. Chris Martin and Zach Carduner did the filming and Zach did the editing.


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