Naomi Replansky resources

Back in November 2016 I had the honor of presenting the 99-year-old poet Naomi Replansky at Kelly Writers House. Here I’ve selected three photos from the many taken during her visit. Click on a photo for a larger view.  I am also and pleased to offer links to various Replansky resources:

[] video recording of a collaborative close reading of the last poem Replansky will write: LINK
[] photo, comment, and biographical info, presented on the occasion of an interview with Replansky in New York, 2016: LINK
[] audio recording of interview with Replansky conducted by Al Filreis & Charles Bernstein for “Close Listening”: LINK
[] Replansky performs and discusses her poem “Ceremony”: LINK
[] Replansky’s PennSound page, includes recordings of seven full-length readings, segmented by poem: LINK
[] photographs taken during Replansky’s visit to Kelly Writers House in November 2016: LINK

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