My interviews with Matt Weiner: three excerpts

My interviews with Matthew Weiner took place during his visit to the Kelly Writers House as a KWH Fellow in April of 2016. Links to the full recordings of both interviews can be found here at the KWH Fellows site. I’m grateful to Dylan Leahy who edited these three clips from 2.5 hours of material.

In the first excerpt from those interviews, Matthew and I discuss two clips from Mad Men about “Roger’s war,” World War II. One clip is from season 3, episode 11, in which Roger dines with Annabelle, his former lover from the 1930s. The second clip is from season 4, episode 5: Roger takes a principles stand against dealing with Japanese businessmen from Honda.

In the second clip, we discuss two scenes, one from The Sopranos and the other from Mad Men. AJ and Tony Soprano talk about the failures of fatherhood. And Don Draper confesses what might actually be his true feelings about being a parent.

 In the third clip, we discuss (from Mad Men, season 3, episode 10) the discussion of subjectivity Suzanne and Don have — on perceptions of the color blue. “People may see things differently but they don’t want to.” And on death: “why do things die?”

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