Erica Baum on Wednesday (November 8, 2017)

On Wednesday (November 8th) the artist and photographer-poet Erica Baum—whose work we encounter in week 10 of our course, next week—will be spending the day visiting us at the Kelly Writers House. We are all very excited about Erica’s visit.

Anyone ModPo’er anywhere in the world can join us for two of the three events that will feature Erica, as follows:

1) Erica will join us for the 3 PM (Philly time) weekly live ModPo webcast. Click HERE as usual at 3 PM to watch & participate.

2) Erica will be featured in a Kelly Writers House event at 6 PM (Philly time), for a wide-open discussion that will be moderated by me. Click HERE to watch that event live.

Please note that the two links are different—the live video feeds for ModPo webcasts and KWH events are distinct.

If you are in or near Philadelphia, please plan to join us at 3 PM and/or at 6 PM to meet and talk with Erica Baum in person.

There’s a third event that you can enjoy in person if you can come to 3805 Locust Walk and be with us, but which will not be streamed live (yet will be released later): an episode of PoemTalk being recorded at noon (Philly time), featuring me as host, and Erica Baum herself, and ModPo’s Davy Knittle, and Morgan Library curator Christine Nelson. The PoemTalk discussion will be about three pages/poems in Erica Baum’s book Dog Ear, which we will discuss next week in chapter 9.3.

Some relevant links below.


1) Erica Baum event on the KWH web calendar page: LINK TO TEXT

2) Erica Baum’s book of photograph-poems Card CatalogueLINK TO TEXT/IMAGES

3) Erica Baum’s book of photograph-poems Dog EarLINK TO TEXT/IMAGES

4) ModPo TAs discuss Erica Baum: LINK TO VIDEO

5) Erica Baum responds to ModPo’ers’ questions: LINK TO TEXT

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