ModPo hosts five “SloPo” mini-courses

There are currently FIVE SloPo (or off-season) mini-courses organized and scheduled. Below is a list. The discussions will all, of course, taken place in the ModPo discussion forums. Look under the forum called “SloPo” and then look to the right at the list of subforums there.

If you want to see what this all looks like, click HERE for a screenshot. Now here’s the list, and links to the subforums:

My (Al Filreis‘s) mini-course on Bernadette Mayer is currently HERE

Jake Marmer‘s mini course on Anne Waldman, Jan. 20-Feb. 17, 2018, will be HERE

Max McKenna‘s & erica kaufman‘s mini-course on poetry & pedagogy, Feb 1-March 1, will be HERE

Joe Massey‘s mini course on Lorine Niedecker, Feb. 17-April 14, will be HERE

Davy Knittle‘s mini course on Elizabeth Willis, April 21-May 4, will be HERE

Others will be organizing discussion groups and mini-courses. We will announce these once the dates are set. Please know that you can always go to the SloPo forum and find the discussions taking place. Some folks are going through the ModPoPLUS curriculum and are posting comments to the forums about the poems there; look out for those discussions too!

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