ModPo—note of thanks

It’s that time of year. For counting blessings & discerning why we’re grateful. The ModPo team, based here at the Kelly Writers House, makes ModPo (ever expanding, ever further elaborating) available to you as truly a labor of love. Can you tell? We just love doing this, and reaching out to you we see as fundamentally part of being writers and scholars and teachers and fellow readers. The people who help me run the Kelly Writers House (a whole KWH staff you haven’t seen or met, behind the scenes) help us present ModPo as a high priority, but I should note—in this season of giving thanks—that they work tremendously hard, and for long hours, to make it all happen. Thank you to them!

We here at the 14-room cottage on Locust Walk in Philadelphia are all committed to making and keeping ModPo as a free space. Free!

Because ModPo remains free (no fees, no tuition, no paywall, and full free access to every part of the huge ModPo site), and because all the resources accessible in ModPo all year (including PennSound audio recordings, PoemTalk podcasts, critical essays in Jacket2magazine) are also free of charge, there isn’t a day that goes by without ModPo people asking us how we at the Kelly Writers House manage all this—and also how they can help support what we do.

This is just to say: thank you for asking!

Many ModPo people over the years have helped us by making a donation to our “Digital Poetries Fund” (which directly supports ModPo—webcasts, honoraria for guest poets, etc.) or our “Student Recruitment Fund” (which enables us to recruit talented young writers, typically from far-flung and under-resourced schools, to apply to Penn and become part of the Writers House as students).

To help us—to express your appreciation for the Writers House people who make ModPo’s outreach possible—please click here:


From the ModPo family to your family, we wish you a healthy and happy New Year 2018. May we all have the leisure to dwell in some Possibility in the coming weeks and months.

Yours ever & always,


P.S. To get a sense of what the Writers House means to the young writers who call KWH a second home, please watch this 3-minute video:

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