A call to K-12 teachers

This is for teachers of K-12 arts & humanities:

ModPo is a free 10-week course on modern poetry. Since its founding in 2012 teachers and their students have enrolled and enjoyed the poems, videos & discussions.

The ModPo site includes our Teacher Resource Center (TRC), which offers video guides to ways of teaching many of the poems in the syllabus. When you sign up to enter the site (here: https://www.coursera.org/learn/modpo ) you will have full access to all the resources for teachers.

Here is a 10-minute audio introduction to our TRC: https://media.sas.upenn.edu/…/Teacher-Resource-Intro_Edited…

TRC includes short videos on how to do close readings of poems with your students, how to use audio recordings of poets reading their poems in your classroom, etc. The screenshot below gives you a sense of just some of these videos.

I hope you will enroll, even if just to check out our site. Once you are enrolled, you will always have access, now and beyond the 10-week fall 2018 run of the course.

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