Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge in conversation with Charles Bernstein

Thanks to the work of Luisa Healey, PennSound staffer, we have now segmented (into audio clips arranged by topic) the “Close Listening” conversation Charles Bernstein hosted with Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge in 2006. PennSound’s Berssenbrugge author page is HERE. And here are the segments:

Close Listening with Charles Bernstein, April 28, 2006


Berssenbrugge reads from I Love Artists: New and Selected Poems (University of California Press, 2006)

  1. from Fog (8:59): MP3
  2. Health (5:38): MP3
  3. I Love Artists (6:35): MP3
  4. Concordance (7:05): MP3
  • Complete program (30:15): MP3


  1. On early encounters with poetry and language (5:17): MP3
  2. On the significance of place and environment (5:25): MP3
  3. On the boundary between the physical and energetic (3:40): MP3
  4. On form and line length (3:19): MP3
  5. On writing “I Love Artists” (10:49): MP3
  • Complete conversation (28:23): MP3

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