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Goldfinches on a sunflower

This morning I went walking in my West Philadelphia neighborhood, masked and carrying my Nikon with new Vivitar telephoto lens. I found some birds in the sun: goldfinches in a neighbor’s sunflower and some house sparrows way up in a Sycamore.

modernism for multi-lingual students

This spring (along with Lily Applebaum & Anna Strong Safford) I have taught a seminar in which the participants are Philadelphia public school teachers. The students of one teacher are grade schoolers who are multi-lingual (mostly from immigrant families). The curriculum unit she is drafting—to use in her class next...

Philadelphia poet laureate — call for applicants

As a member of the Philadelphia poet laureate governing committee, I’m pleased to pass along the link for those who wish to apply for the position as our city’s laureate: (You can see that the administration of the laureate program has shifted from the Mayor’s office to that of...