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ENGL 589 — Fall 2018 — Modern & Contemporary U.S. Poetry: Poetics & Pedagogy

English 589 – Modern & Contemporary U.S. Poetry: Poetics & Pedagogy Fall 2018 — Mondays 3-6 PM Arts Café, Kelly Writers House This survey of experimental modern and contemporary U.S. poetry will be taught collaboratively,* and its primary mode will be interactive and iterative. This will be simultaneously a course...


“Full House”: new article about Kelly Writers House

Today in the student-written, student-edited weekly magazine, 34th Street, there appeared a nice article about the Kelly Writers House that captures the spirit (and food-centricity) of our writerly haven. It can be found HERE. It begins: “It’s another cold, violently windy day in Philadelphia, but in the kitchen, sun streams through...