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Kelly finds her university through a MOOC

When the ModPo team visited the San Francisco area last fall, Kelly Liu, a local high-school senior, joined us for the webcast in Mountain View and the meet-up/collaborative close reading in San Francisco. Kelly was an avid, active participant/learner/“student” in ModPo. Well, Kelly became very interested in the arts & humanities at Penn,...


A note on ModPo pedagogy

Soon after sending another update to all the people enrolled in ModPo, I received this note from Carlene (one of the 20,000 or so ModPo’ers who received my message): You probably already know, but a university that is alway open is the sentinel of a modern way of considering learning....


Toward a diversity of #MOOCs

Every once in a while I get the urge to resist some of the many vast generalizations about what “massive open online courses” (MOOCs) are and can be. Twitter is a place for this counterarguing. Search by #MOOCs and find a combination of profit-minded hucksterism, single-minded higher-ed utopianism, and critics...