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It’s a Sunday for the birds

It’s a perfect Sunday morning here in West Philadelphia. I tried to get some work done on my laptop while sitting on our balcony overlooking the alley that runs between Osage and Larchwood Avenues from 46th to 47th Streets, but the birds kept calling me.

Goldfinches on a sunflower

This morning I went walking in my West Philadelphia neighborhood, masked and carrying my Nikon with new Vivitar telephoto lens. I found some birds in the sun: goldfinches in a neighbor’s sunflower and some house sparrows way up in a Sycamore.

Paris—June 1 (part 1 of 2)

Paris today (June 1), part 2 of 2: an astonishing show at the Musée du quai Branly about Félix Fénéon who was an anarchist and art critic (first identified the neo-Impressionists as such and supported them intellectually, critically & as himself a collector) and also strongly advocated for the inclusion...

Manhattan February

Color and gritty brightness, Manhattan in February. Words on the sidewalk at Greenwich Avenue and 7th. Self-portrait in a convex subway mirror. A favorite scruffy mailbox. Subway mosaic. And the western sun hitting me hard as a I turn down 11th Street.

annual Xmas walk: SoHo & Little Italy

We walk around Manhattan every December 25th—this year in preparation for our dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Here are some photos from our walkaround. We were surprised at how much was going on, mostly for tourists, in Little Italy. It was hopping, especially at the Cannoli King.  

my tiny urban garden

My tiny urban garden—here along an alley between 46th/47th, Osage, and Larchwood—is producing lots of beautiful herbs and veggies. It’s south-facing and so gets tons of sun (and the worst heat) but it drains well and we’ve had a good deal of rain. Here are some mid-August wonders.

Cornwall deck in the Sunday morning sun

Another early July weekend in Cornwall with Liz and Ken. And the luck of the weather. It broke, and we are taking in the slant of Sunday morning sun on the old deck. The heavy contrast of sun and shade made my reach for my Nikon.