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ModPoPLUS—many Tracie Morris items

I’m finishing up additions to the ModPo site in prep for the new ModPo season starting 9/9/17 (next Saturday). Here is the current list of Tracie Morris materials you’ll find at the end of chapter 9.3/week 10 of the “ModPoPLUS” syllabus (an extra/supplemental syllabus parallel to the main schedule). Go...

New to ModPo: Tracie Morris responds to Gertrude Stein

New to ModPo for fall ’17—a video discussion of Tracie Morris’s “Enclosed,” one of her poems in response to Gertrude Stein’s “Tender Buttons.” Tracie Morris herself joined us for this discussion. Here’s the link to the video inside the ModPo site: https://www.coursera.org/learn/modpo/resources/vmyjg — For access to this & all ModPo...

PoemTalk on “Zong!”

Today in KWH’s Wexler Studio I had the great pleasure of convening & moderating a new episode of PoemTalk. Amber Rose Johnson, Tracie Morris, Alexandria Johnson & I discussed six sections of NourbeSe Philip’s “Zong!” (It will be a few months before this episode will be available.)

Tracie Morris responds to Gertrude Stein

Tracie Morris reads her poem “Enclosed,” written in response to Gertrude Stein’s “Tender Buttons” at an event in celebration of poet Billy Joe Harris’s 75th birthday in Brooklyn, NY on March 11, 2017. We are adding this poem to the ModPoPLUS syllabus in the Stein section of chapter 2.3 (week...

Tracie Morris performs 5 poems (video)

Recently, in honor of William J. (Billy Joe) Harris, Tracie Morris performed five poems. Now Dylan Leahy of the PennSound staff has segmented the video I shot of the performance. These five video segments are available at Jacket2 magazine HERE.