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It’s a Sunday for the birds

It’s a perfect Sunday morning here in West Philadelphia. I tried to get some work done on my laptop while sitting on our balcony overlooking the alley that runs between Osage and Larchwood Avenues from 46th to 47th Streets, but the birds kept calling me.

Goldfinches on a sunflower

This morning I went walking in my West Philadelphia neighborhood, masked and carrying my Nikon with new Vivitar telephoto lens. I found some birds in the sun: goldfinches in a neighbor’s sunflower and some house sparrows way up in a Sycamore.

snowy Sunday at Osage Avenue

Took a dawn walk this Sunday morning to see what the snow that fell all day yesterday—10 hours or so of flurries—would look like from behind the camera’s lens. Here are a few of the dawn shots. One is indoors, as you can see: our miraculous “Christmas” cactus, which came...