COVID & Aging

COVID-19, Aging and Aging Research  |  January 15, 2021, 2:00 – 4:00 PM

COVID-19 will have lasting impacts on society and aging research. Marriage rates, fertility rates, savings, employment, caregiving, schooling, as well as health care have all been impacted, domestically and internationally. Covid-19 will for the foreseeable future be an important aspect in aging research, and therefore also of PARC. Please come to our first “PARC Aging Chats” session which will bring together scholars from across Penn to discuss their current research, new data opportunity and challenges, and long-term research plans related to COVID. The aim will be to share information about ongoing Covid-19 & aging research agendas, facilitate collaborations and/or new projects, and provide feedback to us so we can create a coherent and compelling Covid-19 & aging research theme within PARC that complements our existing themes and initiatives.

If you would like to present at this PARC Aging Chat, send an email with your topic that you would like to present.

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