September 2, 2020 | Courtney Boen was quoted in a Washington Post article about a nursing home in a historic Black Atlanta neighborhood and the fight against COVID-19.

August 7, 2020Linda H. Aiken was featured on The Pulse, a radio segment and podcast from WHYY, about the role of nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic, how nursing is changing, and how it’s affecting patient care.

Aiken, Linda H.

Dr. Patricia D’Antonio, Dr. Mary Naylor, Dr. Linda Aiken: Research in Nursing & Health
Nursing Research is Coronavirus Research

The major objectives of this study are to evaluate the nurse working conditions in hospitals just before the COVID-19 pandemics, including evaluations of nurse burnout and intent to leave. We will determine the relationship between nurse working conditions and job outcomes, and evaluate whether those relationships differ for minority-serving institutions . The study will leverage our strategic partnership with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) to survey nurses in 6 states (CA, FL, IL, NJ, NY, PA) after the peak of the US epidemic to evaluate how nurse job outcomes changed before and after the peak, if nurse working conditions explain and/or mitigate those changes.”

The Press-Enterprise, Nurses Statewide to Protest Shifting Ratios at Medical Facilities. Linda Aiken, Interview

FOX 32 Chicago, UIH Nurses Vote to Authorize a Strike, Demand More Reasonable Nurse-to-Patient Ratios. Linda Aiken, Interview

NursesEverywhere, Public Say Hospitals Should Meet Minimum Safe Nurse Staffing Standards. New Study Shows Why. Linda Aiken, Work Cited

NPR, The Old Rules Were Dumb Anyway. Linda Aiken, Interview

Atal, Juan Pablo

Atal jointly with Alé-Chilet and Dominguez on accounting for the unprecedented drop in non-COVID-19 related visitis to the ER’s. It turns out that a lot of it has to do with lower mobility of people due to the lockdowns. Activity and the Incidence of Emergencies: Evidence from Daily Data at the Onset of a Pandemic.

Baker, Regina

Regina Baker (PSC) presented a talk entitled, “Exacerbating Inequalities: A Look at COVID-19, Race, and Poverty,” as a part of The 60-Second Lectures In Quarantine Series.