University of Pennsylvania
Department of Linguistics
3401-C Walnut Street,
Suite 300, C Wing
Philadelphia, PA 19104


I am a 5th year PhD student, ABD as of February 25, 2019, in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. My work is at the intersection of theoretical syntax and its interfaces with morphology and semantics, with a focus on endangered and un(der)studied languages. I study cross-dialectal variation in sentence structure, building primarily on data collected through fieldwork on un(der)documented languages.

My descriptive work tends to illustrate and present patterns/data that are shared by most speakers of different subcommunities or subdialects; whereas in my theoretical work, I analyze constructions/patterns that are not necessarily found in the grammars of all subcommunities. 

I specialize in Arabic dialects—particularly the so-called peripheral varieties, Turkish, Mutki Zazaki and Cherokee. My advisor is Julie Anne Legate; I also work with David Embick and Florian Schwarz.

In Fall 2021, I will start at UMass, Amherst Linguistics Department as a tenure-track assistant professor.

You can find more information about my work and interests in the Research page.

My current work includes

  • ergativity and argument indexing in Iranian languages
  • the syntax of (indirect) causatives, with a focus on (Sason) Arabic
  • the ontology of implicit arguments
  • the syntax of speech act participants, with a focus on vocatives
  • indexical shift in Turkish and Iranian languages
  • investigation of (the limits of) contact-induced syntactic changes