The heart of my research concentration is comparative syntax, specifically the investigation of cross-linguistic and cross-dialectal variation to figure out the design specifications underlying all human languages. I believe that utilizing insights from theoretical linguistics in conjunction with experimental studies provides a stronger means of advancing our understanding of the language faculty.

I am also interested in contact-induced syntactic changes, which I particularly conduct hand in hand with my research on the documentation and investigation of understudied Arabic dialects.

My current work includes

  • ergativity in Iranian languages
  • the syntax of speech act participants in vocatives
  • indexical shifting in Turkish and Iranian languages
  • the syntax of indirect causatives, with a focus on Sason Arabic

    • 12/2015 – 6/2016. PI: Ashwini Deo, responsible for creating a database for tense, aspect systems of Indo-Aryan languages.
    • 7/2013 – 9/2013. Fieldwork on Sason Arabic, carried out in the village of Kuzzi, Bitlis, Turkey.


  • Akkuş, Faruk. 2015. Sason Arabic: a morphological sketch. Ms. Yale University. [pdf] (a non-comprehensive morphological sketch I prepared for Jim Wood’s Morphology I class at Yale University, Fall 2015).
  • Below are some other sources on Sason Arabic, with a caveat that they contain some minor descriptive mischaracterizations. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss any point.

  • Yakut, Büşra. 2013. Syntax of Sason Arabic: A Descriptive Review . Ms. Boğaziçi University. [pdf] (with permission of the author).
  • Taylan, Eser. 2017. Language Contact in Anatolia: the case of Sason Arabic. In Endangered languages of the Caucasus and beyond eds. Ramazan Korkmaz and Doğan Gürkan. Brill. [link]