Darbari Ensemble

groupDarbari, formed in 2002, performs Indian classical music in an ensemble style. The group consists of Pandit RAMESH MISRA on sarangi, STEVE GORN on bansuri, Pandit SAMIR CHATTERJEE on tabla, and ALLYN MINER on sitar.

We perform classical ragas in flowing interactive improvisations, highlighting the sounds and styles of the instruments and exploring the range and variety of Indian music. Some pieces feature intricate compositions and rhythmic exchanges. Others explore ragas in the leisure and depth of the most classical idiom. Still other pieces feature one or other of the instruments, each of which has its own technical and aesthetic appeal.

Listen to flute and sitar in an excerpt of Kirwani

Indian classical music speaks to a broad audience of new listeners as well as specialists. Darbari offers the audience a lively concert experience. Our programs are designed with a variety of short and longer pieces to suit the audience and the setting. We are happy to speak about the music before or after concerts and are available for educational and residence services such as master classes and lecture-demonstrations. We are also available in different ensemble configurations.

“Darbari” means “courtly.” Until the early decades of the 20th century, Indian music was performed in the palaces and homes of patrons who are remembered for their enthusiasm and connoisseurship. The refined, lively, and interactive courtly setting is an atmosphere that we seek to evoke in our music. Darbari is also the name of a beautiful late-night raga.

Listen to Darbari playing Khamaj

Read a review and see a photo of a concert at the Phila Art Museum

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The members of Darbari have long and distinguished careers in performance and recording. Check out our websites.

Ramesh Misra

Steve Gorn

Samir Chatterjee

Allyn Miner

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