Home Advantage: Social Class and Parental Intervention in Elementary Education

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This historical and sociological survey of two communities looks into the relation between parents and teachers of different social classes and puts forward the argument that social class, independent of ability, does affect schooling, because of the availability of money and time. This book does not concentrate on one social institution, but on family life and school life. With family life, the middle-class parent is more likely to take their work home with them. Yet Lareau’s research also shows that middle-class parents are more inclined to spend more time and money on their children’s education. The book ends with a personal essay on the common problems faced in this sort of field work. This new edition contextualizes Lareau’s original ethnography in a discussion of the most pressing issues facing educators at the beginning of the new millennium.


Winner, American Sociological Association, Willard Wallard Award for Distinguished Scholarship from the Sociology of Education Section

Winner, Critics Choice Award from the American Educational Studies Association

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