USFS-URB: Nutrient cycling in urban environments

Evaluating Nutrient Cycling in the Urban Environment: A Collaborative Research Approach.

US Forest Service, United States Department of Agriculture, Award #14-JV-11242308-138


Co-principal Investigator (Co-PI: Sara Low)

The US Forest Service and The University of Pennsylvania Department of Earth and Environmental Science will collaborate on research projects focused on better understanding the biophysical components of the urban environment, specifically looking at the nutrient and mineral cycles in soil and water as they relate to plant growth. University of Pennsylvania, through work with Dr. Plante will provide technical guidance on research design and will provide analytical services for soil and water samples from throughout Philadelphia to measure major and trace elements concentrations, soil particle size, soil carbon/nitrogen, and stable isotopes. This work will include an opportunity for University of Pennsylvania students to be involved in biophysical field data collection in the urban environment.


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May 22, 2016