Demo write-ups either developed by Penn students or adapted from other sources in a common format

  • Make a comet from household items (and dry ice..)

Comet Recipe            Make a Comet Activity

  • Gravitational Lensing- this requires a specially made conical lens that mimics how gravity bends light:

Gravitational Lensing Demo

  • Galaxy Sorting Activity developed by the RESOLVE group at UNC Chapel Hill. I put this together with a merging galaxies presentation:

Galaxy Classification Activity         Galaxy Images for Printing       Merging Galaxies Presentation

Catch a Photon Activity

  • Play-doh Planets (a popular one!) –  create the solar system out of play-doh (we use a yellow exercise ball as the sun)

Play-doh Planets

  • Phases of the moon curtesy of NASA

Phases of the Moon Demo

  • A demo developed at Penn for teaching kids about elemental particles:

 Particle Bracelets