Solar Atlas

Press here to download the IAG telluric-corrected solar flux atlas.

In an accepted paper to ApJS I describe the methods used to generate the telluric-free version of the IAG solar flux atlas covering 0.5-1 micron. The file is a fits table containing the wavenumber array in vacuum (‘v’), the normalized transmission array (‘s’), the uncertainty in transmission (‘err’), and a flag array (‘flags’). Here the flag array is the result of averaging the flag arrays of the individual spectra used to generate the final solar atlas with the lowest value corresponding to the most reliable regions. More detail can be found in the corresponding paper, Baker et al 2019b .

A set of telluric spectra derived from the IAG solar data will be posted soon. To access the telluric data sooner or any other data products (e.g. the telluric model final parameters), feel free to email me.

Since this webpage is not eternal, the solar and telluric data will also soon be available at Zenodo, DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3598136

Telluric and Solar spec