Suzie Cohen, C’04

Vice President, Brand Development, BuzzFeed

New York, NY

Economics Major

What I love about this job is that every day is different. I sit surrounded by a team of six sales people and three client service managers. And, the day consists of various meetings with them, and often times meetings or calls with their clients. My job is to help with strategy and give direction so that my sales team can close business.

When my team wins, I win. There have definitely been some memorable days in the past where we closed deals that had been worked on for months and months….nothing is more gratifying as a manager to celebrate those wins with the team.

I think I stuck around in my previous finance career a little bit too long. I thought that’s where I was supposed to be and I was more concerned about what other people thought versus what I actually wanted to do. That said, I’m thrilled with where my career has taken me thus far. — September 26, 2018 • Photo by Brooke Sietinsons