Trang Do, C’06

General Assignment Reporter, CBS-3

Philadelphia, PA

Communications Major

My parents being immigrants, they raised me to work hard. I started working at 12 and I’ve been working ever since.

I’ve always known I wanted to become a journalist, and I never had these delusions it was going to be a glamorous thing. I knew it would be hard work.

When I got the job at CBS-3, it was a very proud moment for me and for my family. I shared the video of when I did a reveal to my family and that really resonated with people, because my family is a big, loud Vietnamese family, and they were freaking out. Being a broadcaster in my hometown… not many people get to do that. And just recently I had another really proud moment, when I anchored for the first time in Philly.

When you do a story that really connects with a lot of people, that always feels good. Now, in the age of social media, when people connect with a story, you can see it immediately, and that’s a good feeling — especially if your subject feels like you told their story in a meaningful way. — August 24, 2018 • Photo by Alex Schein