Julie Wertheimer, C’07, G’10, WG’18

Chief of Staff, Criminal Justice

Philadelphia, PA

History Major

The thing that I like about working in the field of criminal justice and juvenile justice is it touches on everything … it touches on education and workforce development and housing and behavioral health services. It’s a very broad spectrum, and so there are different things that come up, from the infrastructure of our different agencies to major policy changes to community engagement.

I’ve gotten to work for two great mayors so far. In April I stood with Mayor Kenney when he announced that because of our collective work across the justice system, we had safely reduced our jail population enough that we are in a position to outright close one of our six jail facilities. I think that was a watershed moment in terms of the progress we’ve made and what it means for the community. — August 7, 2018 • Photo by Brooke Sietinsons