Faculty Members

Cristina Bicchieri

J. P. Harvie Professor of Philosophy and Psychology

Interests: The intersection of philosophy, psychology and economics. Lab and field experiments on fairness, trust, and cooperation. Measuring social norms experimentally, eliciting expectation

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Jonathan Baron

Professor of Psychology

Interests: Intuitions and judgment biases that impede maximization of utility (good) by democratic government: parochialism, the act-omission distinction, moralistic values, and the isolation effect; experimentation and data analysis.

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Joe Kable

Baird Term Assistant Professor of Psychology

Interests: how people make choices, and the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying decision-making

Method: combining approaches from experimental economics, the psychology of judgment and decision-making, and social and cognitive neuroscience.

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Barbara Mellers

George Heyman University Professor

Interests: Decision Processes; Emotions; Fairness; Preference Measurement ; Policy Implications

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Sudeep Bhatia

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Interests: Cognitive mechanisms involved in judgment and decision making; Mathematical and computational modeling; Behavioral economics.

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Enrique Fatas

Professor of Economics – Loughborough University

Interests: Behavioral economics, conflict and organizational behavior.

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Damon Centola

Associate Professor at the University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Social Epidemiology, Collective Action and Collective Behavior, Social Networks, Web-Based Experiments, Online Health Policy, Computational and Agent Based Modeling

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Hans-Peter Kohler

Frederick J. Warren Professor of Demography & Professor of Sociology, at the University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Demography, Low and Lowest-Low Fertility, Global Health, Economic Development, Twin Studies

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Anne Teitelman

Patricia Bleznak Silverstein and Howard A. Silverstein Endowed Term Chair in Global Women’s Health, at the University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Health promotion and advocacy, especially through primary health care with underserved populations

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Jana Freundt

Postdoctoral Fellow (2018 – 2019)

Interests: behavioral economics, philosophy & economics, especially people’s redistribution preferences and fairness judgments, ethical behavior in markets, endogenous institutions and decision rights, freedom of choice; Methods: experiments, surveys

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Abraham Aldama Navarrete

Postdoctoral Researcher (2019 – Present)

Interests: Comparative politics, political economy and political psychology, with a particular interest in developing countries.

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Eugen Dimant

Postdoctoral Fellow (2016 – 2018)

Interests: Behavior Ethics, Crime Economics, Corruption, and Migration

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Giuseppe Danese

PPE Fellow (2018 – Present)

Interests: Behavioral Economics, Economic Anthropology, Law and Economics, Business Ethics, Neuroeconomics.

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William (Zev) Berger

Postdoctoral Fellow (2017 – Present) 

Interests: Public opinion and behavior, applied political theory, social and political epistemology, democratic theory, epistemic democracy, religion and politics.

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Weiwei Tasch

Postdoctoral Fellow (2019 – Present) 

My research interests are in the areas of behavioral and experimental economics. In particular, my work focuses on decision making related to social preferences and demand for information about others’ economic behavior and outcome—“social curiosity”— in social dilemmas, both theoretically and empirically.

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Alex Shpenev

Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests: Social Networks, Family, Health and Inequality, Educational Gradients, Formal Demography, Historical Demography.

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Andres Casas

Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania Social Norms Group (PENN SoNG)

Sania Ashraf

Postdoctoral Fellow

Interests: Global Health, Childhood infectious diseases, Sanitation, Hygiene, LMIC.

Raj Patel

Ph.D. Candidate, Philosophy, University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Political philosophy, Philosophy, politics, and economics, The political economy of corruption

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Affiliated Members

Alexander Funcke

Postdoctoral Fellow (2014 – 2019)

Interests: Social Norm Dynamics, Classifications and Preference Formations

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Upasak Das

Presidential Fellow (Academic), Global Development Institute, University of Manchester

Interests: Behavioral economics, conflict and organizational behavior.

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Sebastiano Bavetta

Professor of Economics at the University of Palermo (Italy)
Research Associate at the London School of Economics (UK).

Interests: Freedom and its behavioral, policy and political implications.

Ryan Muldoon

Assistant Professor, Unviersity at Buffalo

Interests: Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Social Science

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Lorena Levano

Penn SoNG Members

David Dillenberger

Associate Professor of Economics at the University of Pennsylvania

Interests: Microeconomic Theory and Decision Theory

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Erte Xiao

Associate Professor at Monash University

Interests: Applied Microeconomics, Physchology and Economics, Experimental Economics, Behavioral Game Theory

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Peter Miller

Postdoctoral Fellow (2013 – 2016)

Interests: Redistricting, Voting and Political Behavior, Electoral Systems, Public Opinion, Political Institutions, and Human Rights

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Hugo Mercier

Ambizione Fellow at Université de Neuchâtel

Interests: Cognition and Culture

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Annalisa Marini

Visiting Scholar (Fall 2013 – Present)

Interests: Bayesian Econometrics, Behavioral Economics, Cultural and Institutional Economics, Econometrics, Economic Growth, Evolutionary Dynamics, Social Interactions Models

Giacomo Sillari

Assistant Professor

Department of Political Science

Luiss Guido Carli – Roma

Interests: Behavioral Economics, Social Norms, Game Theory, Philosophy of Social Sciences

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Marta Maras

Assistant Professor

Gettysburg College

Interests: Behavioral and Experimental Economics, Pro-social Behavior, Altruism, Decision Making, Behavioral Finance

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Coren Apicella

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Professor Apicella’s work specializes in mate selection and attraction, behavioral endocrinology, behavior genetics, sex differences, behavioral economics, evolutionary psychology and social networks and the evolution of cooperation.

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Alex Chavez

Visiting Scholar, Goldstone Research Unit

Interests: social norms; statistics; big data

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Roberto Fumagalli

Lecturer & Coordinator of PPE Program, King’s College London

Research Associate at the London School of Economics

Interests: Philosophy of Science; Philosophy of Economics; Philosophy of the Social Sciences; Social and Political Philosophy; Philosophy of the Cognitive Sciences; Moral Philosophy; Philosophy and Public Policy; Metaphysics.

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Erik Thulin

Postdoctoral Fellow – Social Norms and Sanitation Project

Interested in the underpinnings, both ultimate and proximate, of pro-social and moral behavior. Particularly interested in how people respond to violations of social norms and how these responses may be what allows humans to cooperate on such large scales.

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Javier Guillot

Graduate Student in Philosophy

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Thomas Noah

Graduate Student in Philosophy & Member Penn SoNG (2013-Present)

Interested in Ethics and Ethical Theory, Philosophy of Mind and Psychology, Social Philosophy (including Philosophy of Social Science), Political Philosophy, Philosophical Methodology.

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Samuel Gant

Behavioral Consultant, Penn SoNG (2017-2019)

Sakshi Ghai

Visiting Scholar, University of Pennsylvania

Graduate Students

Marie Barnett

Interests: My main research interests lie in the areas of philosophy of social science and decision theory. In particular, I am interested in exploring the ways in which philosophical analysis of psychological concepts can be used to improve the explanatory and predictive power of Icek Ajzen’s theory of planned behavior.

Clarissa Busch

Interests: Philosophy of science, philosophy of the social sciences, social epistemology

Jinyi Kuang

Research Assistants


Sarah Girard

Arjun Khandelwal