Destabilizing Religion in the Medieval Middle East

Destabilizing Religion in the Medieval Middle East, a Boardman Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania’s Department of Religious Studies, is dedicated to discussing the allegedly axiomatic role of religion in the formation of the medieval Middle East. Through historical, material, philological, and other approaches, the talks will address two overarching questions: How can the conventional narratives of the history of the medieval Middle East be revised in ways that account for the unstable, shifting, and multifaceted definitions and applications of religion? And, how does the example of the medieval Middle East contribute to the broader study of the categories of “religion” and “non-religion” in the pre-modern world?

The Symposium will occur as an online lecture series on Wednesdays from February 2 to March 23. For details, see SCHEDULE.


Reyhan Durmaz

Student Liaison

Max Johnson Dugan


The University of Pennsylvania Department of Religious Studies Boardman Fund

The Middle East Center

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