07-2024 | Bo is promoted to Associate Professor with tenure.  

05-2024 | Our paper on AlScN-based phase shifters is posted in arXiv. 

04-2024 | Our paper on the observation of Landau levels in strained photonic crystals appears in Nature Photonics.

04-2024 | Our paper on topological surface magnon polaritons appears in PRL.

03-2024 | Our paper on slow-wave hybrid magnonics appears in PRL.

12-2023 | Our paper on widely tunable narrow-linewidth THz-FIR light sources using a new phase-matching mechanism in thin-film LiNbO3 appears in Optics Express.

11-2023 | We receive a DARPA contract to work on superconducting metamaterials and their applications in quantum limited parametric amplifiers.  

11-2023 | Our paper on topological electromagnetic waves in plasma crystals appears in Scientific Reports.

11-2023 | Our experimental paper on the electrical control over cavity exciton polaritons is posted on arXiv.

11-2023 | Our experimental paper on nonlinear optical metamaterials from twisted TMD interfaces appears in Nature Photonics.

06-2023 | We receive a DARPA contract to work on optomechanical infrared sensing. 

04-2023 | Our paper on the observation of Floquet Chern insulators of light is posted on arXiv.

02-2023 | Our paper on general duality and magnet-free Chern insulators appears in Nature Communications.

01-2023 | Our paper on 2D polariton Chern insulators appears in PRL.

08-2022 | Our paper on the Floquet quadrupole photonic crystals appears in PRL.

07-2022 | Chen & Haiqi join the group.

02-2022 | Our paper on the demonstration of miniaturized BICs appears in Science Bulletin.

11-2021 | We receive a DARPA contract to work on next-generation night vision goggles.

10-2021 | Bo receives the International Commission for Optics Prize 2021. [link]

10-2021 | Our paper on resonance-forbidden second harmonic generation appears in Nanophotonics.

10-2021 | Our paper on nonlinear optics in AlScN appears in APL Materials.

09-2021 | Zhi joins the group.

05-2021 | Bo receives Young Investigator Award from the Office of Naval Research [News].

03-2021 | Our paper on the Floquet dipole phases in nonlinear photonic crystals appears in PRL.

03-2021 | Bo is named Fellow for Advancing Bioimaging Scialog Initiative by RCSA and the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.

02-2021 | Bo is awarded the Sloan Fellowship. [Penn Today].

12-2020 | Bumho joins the group.

10-2020 | Our paper on non-Abelian generalizations of the Hofstadter model appears in Light: Science and Applications.

06-2020 | Our paper on quadrupole topological photonic crystals appears in Nature Communications.

04-2020 | Our paper on the observation of unidirectional guided resonances appears in Nature. [Penn News] [ARO News]

10-2019 | Our paper on topologically-enabled ultra-high-Q resonances appears in Nature. [Nature news] [Penn News]

09-2019 | Our paper on Floquet Chern insulators of light appears in Nature Communications. [News]

09-2019 | Our paper on the synthesis and observation of non-Abelian gauge fields in real space appears in Science. [News]

07-2019 | Jian, Jicheng, Longqing join the group.

05-2019 | A profile article about our group is featured on Penn Today.

04-2019 | Valerie is awarded the National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship! [News]

02-2019 | Our paper on exceptional surfaces appears in Optica.

01-2019 | Bo is awarded ECASE by the ARO.

08-2018 | Bo is awarded New Investigator grant by the Kaufman Foundation. [News]

07-2018 | Li & Valerie join the group.

04-2018 | Our paper on non-Hermitian topological band theory appears in PRL.

03-2018 | Our paper on bulk Fermi arcs appeared in Science. [News]

02-2018 | Bo is awarded the AFOSR YIP [link].

01-2018 | Bo joins the UPenn faculty [link] and was awarded Elliman Fellowship [link].