Biology 121

An intensive introductory lecture course covering the cell, molecular biology, biochemistry, and the genetics of animals, bacteria, and viruses. This course is comparable to Biology 101, but places greater emphasis on molecular mechanisms and experimental approaches. Particular attention is given to the ways in which modern cell biological and molecular genetic methods contribute to our understanding of evolutionary processes, the mechanistic basis of human disease, and recent biotechnological innovations. Students are encouraged to take BIOL 121 and 123 concurrently.

Biology 011

Semester: Fall

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Microbes are a fundamental part of life on this planet. This course will explore the causes and consequences of the distribution and abundance of microbes (microbial ecology) as well as microbial evolution on human and societal health. We will explore the interplay between human society and microbial ecology and evolution in shaping health risks and directing scientific study. This course will explore concepts from biology, ecology, and evolution to study microbes as living creatures and how those microbes affect our lives today and our future.