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Create a SAS Windows AD Account
Windows AD accounts are used for accessing SAS shared drives, Filemaker Pro & personal 'U' Drives.   Click this link to request a Windows AD Account (Note you will need your pennkey and penncard ID number): More)
Getting Started with Forticlient VPN in SAS
A Forticlient VPN connection is necessary to gain off-campus / wifi access to the Shared Drives, Filemaker Pro servers and some other services. Note that you do not need to use Forticlient VPN if you are using wired on-campus computers.   (More)
Zoom Webinar / Large Meeting options for SAS
Contact your LSP if you need Webinar or Large Meeting options (500/1000 participants) for your Penn Zoom account. Note that the options available to individual users / the general public through the Zoom website cannot be applied to Penn-licen (More)
How to Create a Zoom Meeting/Session for your Class at Penn
Begin by logging into Zoom. To sign-in, click the Sign-In link on this page: Then, you'll want to "schedule a meeting", which will generate a single Zoom URL / invitation you can use (More)
Send from Penn Email Address in Gmail / Google@SAS
Step 1: Add Your Penn Email Address to Gmail Important Note: If using 2-factor authentication (as required by all SAS Google accounts), you will need to generate an "app password" to use for #7 below. More)
Reset Shared Drive / FMP Account (Windows AD)
To reset your SAS domain account password, please do the following: * Use your browser to visit * Select SAS from the list of “School and Center Active Director (More)
How to Log into the Zoom iOS app with your UPenn Account
All School of Arts and Sciences staff and faculty are eligible for Zoom accounts. More information about Zoom in SAS is available here: (More)
How To Change Writing Server Password
Note: If you are setting up a new account, I will send you a temporary password separately via Penn's Secure Share service. To change your password: On a Mac computer (More)
Configure Pulse for VPN Access to SAS Resources
Pulse is no longer supported by SAS Computing. Click here for information about Forticlient.   The following services require a Pulse conn (More)
How to Set Windows AD Password & Connect To Shared Drive
1. Set New Password The temporary one-time password for your new account will be in the following form: abcd12345678! where the 12345678 is the middle 8 digits of your Penn ID number. Open your browser to: More)
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