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The Discobolus of Qin
The Discobolus of Qin 秦 By: Millie Huang   The Discobolus of Qin (links to external file) is a multimedia piece by Chinese-Canadian Millie Hu (More)
A Check-In with Classics Students about Remote Learning
Claudia Cohen Hall (Photo Credit: Penn Facilities) A Check-In with Classics Students about Remote Learning By: Cecelia Heintzelman   With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, life has looked different for most people. For Penn students, it mea (More)
The Stages of Grief
Relief of a Roman funeral procession. The Stages of Grief through the Lens of Catullus 101 By Lily Nesvold   There i (More)
Still shot from video essay. This video essay (Links to an external file) by Millie Huang was created for CLST143 – Great Books of Ancient Greece and Ro (More)
Sophocles’ Creon and the illusion of polis
Sophocles’ Creon and the illusion of polis By Julia Ongchoco   One of the most salient binaries in Sophocles’ Antigone is the distinction between polis (or state) and oikos (or family).  In this tragedy, Antigone, the main character, goes (More)
Circe: A Human Witch? Reviewing Madeline Miller’s “Epic”
Cover art of Circe. Credit: Madeline Miller. Circe: A Human Witch? Reviewing Madeline Miller’s “Epic” By Olivia Wells   If you’ve read the Odyssey, you remember the enchantress Circe. While the legendary epic doesn’t tell us much about h (More)
Barbarians: Ancient History, Reimagined
Laurence Rupp as Arminius in Netflix’s Barbarians. Credit: Netflix. Barbarians: Ancient History, Reimagined A Review of the New Netflix Series By Sara Chopra, Margaret Dunn, and Olivia Wells   When we encounter reimaginations of ancient (More)
Discentes’ Spring 2021 Course Guide
Credit: Penn Admissions. Description: Class of 1893 Memorial Gate, University of Pennsylvania Campus. Discentes Course Reviews Our guide to Classical Studies and Ancient History course offerings this spring by Sara Chopra   With advance (More)
A Semester at Pembroke College, Cambridge – Studying Classics Abroad
Supervisions at Cambridge by James Nycz Studying abroad had been a goal of mine before I even arrived at Penn, but through my Classics courses I realized that studying abroad in Europe would allow me to explore a whole new experience of Classics. (More)
Haunted by the Past: Pompeii’s “Curse” and the Supernatural
The ancient city streets of Pompeii 2 thousand years after the eruption of Mt.Vesuvius. Photo Credit: Christopher Ott. By Vikram Balasubramanian   In 79 AD, ash rained on Pompeii, burying the city. Pliny the Younger describes the catas (More)
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