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Leading Utilities Discuss Needed But as of Yet Uninvented Technologies at the 2018 Global Water Summit
In a lively discussion led by Booky Oren, Chairman and CEO Global Water Technologies, five leading water and wastewater utilities serving over 11M people discussed their search for the technology they need to satis (More)
CEO Forum Highlights Challenges and the Need for Industry Transformation at the 2018 Global Water Summit
The 2018 Global Water Summit brought leaders from the water industry together in a CEO Forum to discuss their thoughts on major issues facing the industry. The panel was moderated by Verity Mitchell, Director More)
Making Ends Meet: A National Dialogue on Water Affordability
The introductory session of “Making Ends Meet: A Workshop on Water Affordability” was held (More)
The Affordability Crisis
While the water crisis in Detroit, Michigan isn’t at the top of the mainstream news cycle anymore, the crisis continues to rage for many in the Detroit community. The first session of the Water Affordability Conference, titled “The Water Affordabilit (More)
Creating Stormwater Fees
Stormwater fees are increasingly being used to address runoff.  Moderator Gary Belan of American Rivers led a panel including Adam Ortiz, Director for the More)
Expert Opinions
Highlights from an interview with Andy Kricun, Executive Director/Chief Engineer, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA)More)
Expert Opinions
Highlights from an interview with Kevin Shafer, Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD)More)
Expert Opinions
Highlights from an interview with Bill Malarkey, Managing Partner North America, Amane AdvisorsMore)
Expert Opinions
Highlights from an interview with Patrick Regan, Director of Global Corporate Accounts, EvoquaMore)
Expert Opinions – Las Vegas Valley Water District & Southern Nevada Water Authority
Highlights from an interview with Dave Johnson, Deputy General Manager, Engineering and OperationsLas Vegas Valley Water District (LVVWD) and Southern Nevada Water Authority (SN (More)
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