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Configure macOS for PennKey Authentication
PennKey logins allow any previously-allowed user within SAS, or the university, the ability to access a public computer without having a local user account on that computer or a domain user account. All Macs in the SAS Central Pool Classrooms use thi (More)
Easy Stuff - A Fresh Install of Windows 10
Hi, Now for something completely different... Something basic, and easy, installing Windows 10. As the versions of Microsoft Windows have progressed, the steps for installation have become fewer and easier. Roughly, Windows 10 installs the very sa (More)
Group Policy-Managed Desktops, Part 2
Public computers require the operating system and application to be out of the user's way. Providing the defaults for user desktop session on Windows is challenging. Here is what I do to make users can teach their classes, have their conferences, and (More)
Remove the Lock Screen Menu Option in macOS 10.13 High Sierra
Hello, I consider privacy and security on one's computer to be very important. In an age where corporations and organizations seek to enhance their data collection methods from people's computers through "telemetry", cookies and targeted advertisi (More)
Building an image of Windows 10 for mass-distribution
Hello, This post is a follow-up or compliment to creating an image of Windows for mass-distribution (Window (More)
How to Create a Windows Image for Mass Deployment
Requirements: Windows install media (7 or 10. 8.x?), desired apps for the image (Office, PDF viewer, web browsers, plugins), virtual machine software (VMware Workstation, Microsoft Hyper-V, or Oracle Virtual Box), and image creation and deployment so (More)
Deploying Images with MDT/WDS
The main point of MDT and WDS is to place Windows on a computer's disk drive. To do this, MDT uses a series of steps in a task sequence that perform the necessary operations to facilitate installation. The crucial point to all of this is the network. (More)
UEFI and a Dell OptiPlex 990
Hello, I do a great deal of work with virtual machines and perform all of my operating system development on virtual platforms. My desktop PC came with a 500GB hard drive. Using a virtualization program and creating a couple of production sized vi (More)
Automate the Install of Microsoft Office 2016 with an MSP File
Microsoft Office is probably the flagship product for Microsoft, aside from Windows itself. There are more installs of Office out there than there are installs of Windows (all versions). Microsoft Office is available for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and A (More)
MDT, Getting Ready for Deployments
As stated before, MDT needs an operating system before it can start deploying Windows. In addition to that, deployment tasks are needed to coordinate the deployment activities. One tenet put forth by Microsoft is to use MDT to More)
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