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New beautiful and educational mining flashcards available!
The CSSM is delighted to announce the deployment of beautiful and educational mining flashcards freely available to all!  These stunning graphics provide a complement to an Earth Science experiment, lessons in Geography or even just to get a sense of (More)
CSSM members distribute over 600 kits to students across the US!
What started as a full CSSM "Outreach Hour" to assemble hundreds of kits for children regionally local to our partner institutions culminated in a successful deployment of dynamic leveled videos, experiments and assessments made freely available (More)
The Linksvayer Lab has moved to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas...
After nearly 10 years in Philadelphia, the Linksvayer Lab has moved to the Department of Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University. A new lab website will be up soon. I am looking for new PhD students (More)
New Website
In August 2021, we launched our YouTube channel, "HAPPY" (Harmonic Analysis People’s Presentations on YouTube), and this accompanying website. (More)
Job Hunting While Queer Panel
On August 2, 2021, the CSSM welcomed Dr Jonathan Kuo, Dr Michelle Neary and Dr Andrew Pinkard to share their experiences in the current job market in our 'Job Hunting While Queer' Panel.  We are grateful for their discussions and insights! (More)
Sustainability Ambassadors Program!
The 2021 Sustainability Ambassadors Program was a major success! Thank you to all our speakers and attendees! Please check out our schedule of events for the Program here:   (More)
Recent research on high density thin-film glasses published by Yi and other group members is featured on PennToday
"Through the thin-film glass, researchers spot a new liquid phase. A new study on thin films of glass shows how they can be fabricated to be denser and more stable, providing a framework for new applications and devices through better design." Congra (More)
New review on Polycomb Repressive Complex 2 published with Dr. Tomasz Bieluszewski and Dr. Jun Xiao
This review covers comparative analysis of PRC2 structure and function in animals and plants: (More)
Virtual IEDP Invited Lecture Series to Feature Dr. Emiliana Vegas on the Unequal Impact of the COVID-19 School Closures
Virtual IEDP Invited Lecture Series Event: The Unequal Impact of the COVID-19 School Closures Globally Dr. Emiliana Vegas   (More)
Wagner lab celebrates us
After a busy year of sheltering in place and self-quarantines, Dr. Doris Wagner and Dr. John Wagner treated the lab and loved ones to a joyful dinner in her backyard. This past year+ was a bit quirky, but we made the best of what we could. Who knows (More)
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