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Drndić Lab Research Featured On History Channel Show The Works
Research from our lab was featured on the History Channel show The Works on July 24th, 2008. THE WORKS: POWER TOOLS (Thursday, July 24th at 10pm ET/PT) Since the Egyptians invent (More)
Penn Summer Science Outreach Talks
On July 30th, 2010, Marija Drndić gave a talk to the Penn Summer Science Academy (PSSA) and the Quarknet High School Students. Read more about More)
Science Outreach For High Shool Students
Meni Wanunu and Lauren Willis each gave a talk to high school teachers as part of the Research Experience for Teachers program organized by the Nano-Bio Interface Center (NBIC) at Penn. (More)
Drndić Lab working on open-source translocation analysis software Pypore
The Drndić Lab has open-sourced the translocation analysis software Pypore. This project is writting in a combinat (More)
Philly Science Festival
Come see our work at the Philly Science Festival Carnival on May 3, 2014. The Carnival runs from 10am to 4pm, and our group will demonstrate our work at a booth between More)
Visit us at the NanoDay@Penn on October 22, 2014
Each year, the Nano/Bio Interface Center highlights nanotechnology across Penn. High school classes, undergraduate and graduate students, postdocs and faculty participate in exhibits, demonstrations, tours, posters and talks. Find out more at More)
Second Annual AMC8 Math Day at Greenfield Elementary School
For the second year in a row, Marija is organizing the Greenfield Math Day in Albert Greenfield Elementary School in Center City, Philadelphia, to be held on (More)
Paul Masih Das releases iPhone sequencing game Master Sequencer
Now available on the iTunes store! In Master Sequencer, the player runs along a DNA strand, e (More)
Drndić Lab at Philly Materials Day 2015
Paul, Gopi, Priyanka and others from Drndic Lab participate in the Philly Materials Day 2015 on February 7, 2015 in the Bossone Research Enterprise Center at Drexel University, including lots of hands-on scien (More)
Drndić Lab attends Philadelphia Science Festival
The Drndić Lab attended the 2015 Philadelphia Science Festival, presenting nanopore demos. (More)
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