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Efficient polymer-nanocrystal quantum-dot photodetectors
Difei Qi, Michael D. Fischbein, Marija Drndić, and Sandra Selmic Applied Physics Letters, 86 (6), 093103 2005 Link More)
CdSe nanocrystal quantum-dot memory
Michael D. Fischbein and Marija Drndić Applied Physics Letters, 86 (19), 193106 2005 Link PDFMore)
Local Charge Transport in Two-Dimensional PbSe Nanocrystal Arrays Studied by Electrostatic Force Microscopy
Zonghai Hu, Michael D. Fischbein, and Marija Drndić Nano Letters, 5 (7), 1463-1468 2005 Link (More)
Coulomb Blockade and Hopping Conduction in PbSe Quantum Dots
Hugo E. Romero and Marija Drndić Physical Review Letters, 95, 156801 2005 Link More)
Clean Electromigrated Nanogaps Imaged by Transmission Electron Microscopy
Douglas R. Strachan, Deirdre E. Smith, Michael D. Fischbein, Danvers E. Johnston, Beth S. Guiton, Marija Drndić, Dawn A. Bonnell, and Alan T. Johnson Nano Letters, 6 (3), 441-444 2006 L (More)
Nanogaps by direct lithography for high-resolution imaging and electronic characterization of nanostructures
Michael D. Fischbein and Marija Drndić Applied Physics Letters, 88 (6), 063116 2006 Link PDFMore)
Electric-Field-Driven Accumulation and Alignment of CdSe and CdTe Nanorods in Nanoscale Devices
Zonghai Hu*, Michael D. Fischbein*, Claudia Querner, and Marija Drndić Nano Letters, 6 (11), 2585-2591 2006 Link More)
Fluorescence Blinking Statistics from CdSe Core and Core/Shell Nanorods
Siying Wang, Claudia Querner, Thomas Emmons#, Marija Drndić, and Catherine H. Crouch J. Phys. Chem. B, 110 (46), 23221-23227 2006 Link More)
Sub-10 nm Device Fabrication in a Transmission Electron Microscope
Michael D. Fischbein and Marija Drndić Nano Letters, 7 (5), 1329-1337 2007 Link PDFMore)
Millimeter-Scale Assembly of CdSe Nanorods into Smectic Superstructures by Solvent Drying Kinetics
Claudia Querner, Michael D. Fischbein, Paul A. Heiney and Marija Drndić Advanced Materials, 20 (12), 2308-2314 2008 Link More)
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