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Core of LAVA-Lobos
This week, the students took a break from observing the sea lions to consider some of the bigger questions which strike at the core of LAVA-Lobos: Why is it important to understand how humans impact animals? Why should we study sea lions in particula (More)
Testing Their Skills
Hola lectores,   We’ve been working hard with the students for the past two weeks, teaching them the specific requirements of the protocol. Based on what they’ve learned so far, they should be able to identify the social grouping of the sea lions, q (More)
LAVA-Lobos back in action
LAVA-Lobos is back in action! I am part of a 4-person ground team (aka the “Galapagang”) which will be working in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno until the end of July to kickstart the second year of the project. Right now, we are also joined by 5 other memb (More)
Student Reflection: Mateo Rojas
Mateo Rojas 15 years old Describe something you've learned about sea lions that has surprised you. The Enchanted Islands have wonderful flora and fauna which attract many tourists, in addition to the people who live on the islands year-round. (More)
Student Reflection: Melany Diaz
Melany Diaz 16 years old Do you view sea lion differently than you did when you first started this project? Why or why not? The LAVA project has brought several opportunities for International Baccalaureate students in the CAS program. One (More)
Student Reflection: Karla Villagómez
Karla Villagómez 17 years old In my free time I like to draw, sing, and listen to music. Do you view sea lions differently than you did when you first started this project? Why or why not? At the beginning of the LAVA project, I thought t (More)
Student Reflection: Julexi Cedeño Reyes
Name: Julexi Cedeño Reyes Age: 15 years old I like: Watching nature, investigating on the Internet, doing experiments, playing on my laptop and watching documentaries, science, tests, cartoons and films of all sorts. The LAVA project is one (More)
Presenting Ourselves
During our time here on San Cristobal, we have become friends with many of the Naturalist Guides who work here, both those who do week-long embarkations and others who only guide on day trips. Because of this, we have gotten two opportunities to spea (More)
Student Reflection: Jeimy Ochoa
Jeimy Ochoa 16 years old How would you describe the attitude towards sea lions that people in your community have? San Cristóbal Island receives the second-largest number of tourists in Galápagos. Our people live on tourism. It has led to th (More)
Data Entry and Photo Organization
I’m entirely unsure where the last month and a half have gone, but it has certainly been a productive time! Our vacation week in Santa Cruz and Isabela was lovely. On the return trip from Isabela, we met up with Karen in Santa Cruz for a few days bef (More)
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