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1. State Department Introduction
The passing scenery, the hum of the engine, and the gentle rocking of the train offer the perfect opportunity to reflect on the journey I am about to begin, interrupted, perhaps ironically, by a short trip home. Home is truly a strange phenomenon. (More)
2. The Application Process
In a nutshell, the application process for the State Department is thorough; not necessarily difficult or overwhelming, but definitely and most certainly long. As a result, timing is important to keep in mind. For all terms (fall/spring/summer), t (More)
3. State Department Bureaus
Choosing Bureaus and Seeking Help This week I want to focus on the question on the applications that asks you to choose a bureau, which is a difficult but important task. There are over thirty bureaus in the State Department. I narrowed down my ch (More)
4. State Department Help
When I reached out to Dr. Martinez for help with the statement of interest, I honestly did not expect for Dr. Martinez to then put me in touch with a senior foreign officer at the State Department. As these things tend to go, I waited until less than (More)
5. State Department Callbacks
After submitting my application, all I could do was wait. According to the instructions, the State Department would notify applicants if a bureau was interested in interviewing you by July 19th, which happened to be a Friday. Coincidentally, I had sc (More)
6. Choices and Decision Time
On Monday, the weekend after my interview with the Central Europe Office, I had the interview with the Policy Office. The same day, the Policy Officer offered me a position at the office and gave me a liberal singular day to decide. Now, I was in qui (More)
7. First Day at the State Department
Surprisingly, I, a Ukrainian immigrant who visits family in Ukraine frequently, received my security clearance before the two born and raised Americans in the cohort who also applied for internships at State. The security clearance process can be tou (More)
8. First Week at the State Department
One question that came up even during the interview was the question of availability. To show my interest in the internship, I told my interviewer that I was willing to work 40 hours per week. As far as I can tell, how your schedule turns out in the (More)
9. Meetings, Meetings, and More Meetings
Before the start of my internship, I wondered about the type of work I would do, and whether or not I would a) be really busy or b) have little to do My experience has oscillated between the two, but from my conversations with current and (More)
10. State Consultations
In the first few weeks, I worked on setting up consultations for post officers with bureau program officers. Let me explain. As a reminder, the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) manages all State Department-funded exchange programs, wh (More)
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