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Suitcase, Yucatan, Mexico.
Red Suitcase. 21 inches. Migration-forced, coerced, or otherwise compe (More)
The Tihosuco Templo del Santo Niño Jesús (Church of the Divine Child), Tihosuco, Mexico.
In the mid 19th century, the Yucatan peninsula was the center of a massive indigenous rebellion. The Caste War of Yucatan (also known as the Maya Social War) is genera (More)
Ilori Church, Tbilisi, Georgia.
Since the Republic of Georgia established independence in 1991, disputes over the Russian-backed separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have repeatedly devolved into active combat. Warfare erupted most recently in 2008, when the Russian (More)
Boat, Capo Feto, Sicily.
This boat made its final journey in Spring 2018. The boat has no name or indication of country of origin, but Tunisian water bottles tucked under the hull o (More)
Straw Plate, Idlib, Syria.
Straw Plate; Measures: Di.1 a. 32 cm, Di. 2 a., H. a. 17 cm. Weaver: Mrs. B.A.N. This straw p (More)
Blanket and String Loops, Pozzallo, Italy.
A boat intercepted in Italian waters, brought ashore, and impounded at Pozzallo in November 2018 preserves one movement in a series that spans dese (More)
Xaragua/Xamaica: Rasamblaj, Caribbean.
Forced migration originates in the transatlantic system of slavery in which Europeans removed 12.5 million people from Africa to the Americas from 1517 to 1867. The 1.5 m (More)
Lost, Syria.

Abandoned medical center, Thebes, Greece.
[caption id="attachment_115" align="aligncenter" width="525"] Abandoned medical center in Thebes, Greece

The European refugee crisis highlights an archaeologica (More)
Hassan's T-Shirt, Northern Scandinavia.
T-shirt with secret pocket sewn inside. Cotton and cling-wrap, found in Scandinavia (More)
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