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Water in Western Puerto Rico: Determining Vulnerabilities in a Changing Climate
May 7, 2020By Andrea GarayIn her research, Alana Paccione assessed the vulnerabilities of the water system in Western Puerto Rico by examining the sources of water supply, infrastructure, and effects of Hurricane Maria. Alana is also a recipient of t (More)
Congratulations to the Winners of Judges Choice Award in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Congratulations to Team Aqualus, Senior Design team from Mechanical Engineering for winning the Judges Choice Award for Excellence in breadth and depth of their microplastics collection device-Aqualus. The project was co-funded by the Water Center th (More)
Water as the Universal Connector in West Philadelphia
Arlette Ineza Ngabonzima (left) and Catalina Ruiz (right) are researching the urban and environmental history of the Cobbs Creek area and the potential for future watershed partnerships that promote community engagement and stewardship. Through this (More)
Lithium Mining and Ground Water
 Jonas Toupal, a PhD student in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, presented his work at presented at the prestigious Goldschmidt conference in June 2020. Goldschmidt is the largest geochem (More)
Stakeholder Engagement in the Cobbs Creek Watershed: Lessons Learned and a Path Forward
By Sandol Park and Corey Wills University of Pennsylvania Edited by Katie Pitstick and Dan Schupsky July 16, 2020   Cobbs Creek Watershed The Cobbs Creek watershed spans three counties and roughly 14,200 acres of land. (Cobbs Creek, 2004) (More)
AWWA Chapter at Penn presents Water Industry Careers Panel
                                                             On November 19, 2020, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) chapter at Penn organized a career panel for orienting students towards water-based careers. This event hosted esteemed pa (More)
Congratulations 2020 Graduate Grant Recipients
The Water Center at Penn awarded grants during Fall 2020 to 8 graduate students under the Student Support Program Award. The students will use the grant money for research in water science, policy, and sustainability. The grants aim to recognize acad (More)
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