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Techniques Grading
To appear as: Cooper, Andrew A. (2020) Techniques Grading: Mastery Grading for Proofs Courses, PRIMUS Abstract: Mastery grading is an approach to grading in which students are assigned term grades based on whether they meet certain enumerated obje (More)
Geogebra Gadgets
A few years ago I got turned on to Geogebra, probably the world's most awesome and low-barrier-to-entry mathematical software. The best part of Geogebra is that you can do most everything through the web client or t (More)
specifications grading
what are grades? Grades serve a few purposes: Grades give feedback. They allow you to know what you know and what you don't know. This is how most professors think of grades most of the time. Grades allow evaluation and comparison of student (More)
Classroom 111 Technology Quick Start Guide
Use the instructions below to get started with using the technology in Classroom 111 at CPCW (3808 Walnut). If you need assistance, call 215-898-4947. Turning On and Using the Monitor 1 . To begin, make sure the small touch screen on the rack is tu (More)
Exciting New Learning Experiences Create the Confidence to Attempt New Opportunities
I had a rewarding and exciting career in sales and marketing in the information technology sector, primarily with the IBM Corporation. While working I earned a MA from Villanova University and an MBA from Penn State University, and I enjoyed lifelong (More)