2022 and In Press

  • Richie, R., Aka, A., & Bhatia, S. (in press). Free association in a neural network. Psychological Review. [pdf]
  • Bhatia, S. & Richie, R. (in press). Transformer networks of human conceptual knowledge. Psychological Review. [pdf]
  • Bhatia, S., Olivola, C., Bhatia, N., & Ameen, A. (in press). Predicting leadership perception with large-scale natural language data. Leadership Quarterly. [pdf]
  • Malaviya, C., Bhatia, S., & Yatskar, M. (2022). Cascading biases: Investigating the effect of heuristic annotation strategies on data and models. EMNLP. [pdf]
  • Aka, A., & Bhatia, S. (2022). Machine Learning Models for Predicting, Understanding, and Influencing Health Perception. Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 7(2), 142-153. [pdf]
  • Bhatia, S., & Aka, A. (2022). Cognitive Modeling With Representations From Large-Scale Digital Data. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 31(3), 207–214. [pdf]
  • Gandhi, N., Zou, W., Meyer, C., Bhatia, S., & Walasek, L. (2022). Computational methods for predicting and understanding food judgment. Psychological Science, 33(4), 579-594. [pdf]
  • He, L., Analytis, P. P., & Bhatia, S. (2022). The wisdom of model crowds. Management Science, 68(5), 3635-3659. [pdf]
  • Zhao, W., Coady, A., & Bhatia, S. (2022). Computational mechanisms for context-based behavioral interventions: A large-scale analysis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 119(15) e2114914119. [pdf]
  • Zhao, W., Richie, R. & Bhatia, S. (2022). Process and content in decisions from memory. Psychological Review, 129(1), 73–106. [pdf]
  • Singh, M., Richie, R. & Bhatia, S. (2022). Representing and predicting everyday behavior. Computational Brain & Behavior, 5, 1-21. [pdf]
  • He, L., Zhao, W. & Bhatia, S. (2022). An ontology of decision models. Psychological Review, 129(1), 49–72. [pdf]

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