Penn Chemistry Computing offers advanced computing capabilities for our faculty, staff, and researchers. Our 400+ users access some of the latest molecular modeling, simulation, and mathematical software packages. Our desktop users enjoy the latest productivity suites and utilities running on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Our school’s GPC cluster runs WebMO, Gaussian16, GAMESS, NAMD, and other packages.

We also offer network troubleshooting, desktop support, data backup advice, and much more. Our department has over 1,200 network-enabled devices registered on our subnets.

A public access computer lab is located in the rear of the Chemistry Library. Penn Chemistry researchers and graduate students have access to Macintosh, PC, and SGI workstations running instructional and computational software.

Our departmental Linux cluster, WebMO cluster, and faculty-owned cluster computers are housed in air-conditioned facilities outside the department.

Chemistry Computing Team:

Nick Salvatore

Nancy Le

Marcus Johnson

Filmore Hernandez